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Pffft, "Your new favorite game on itch.io" like if, this game should be a demo, not a game that costs 6.99, the graphics are "okay"  the controls are ....Okay, yet they are so many variations/combos that if you don't read one of those signs you may be stuck in that area for a while, maybe it should be more "enforced" like in the begging where they teach you the basic controls, they're a lot of things that don't seem to be "polished" like the throwing rocks, it doesn't seem to do anything , it just make enemies do a little grunt sound, (they don't die from throwing rocks)  there is  also that character that kicks you, you have to hit her like twenty times to  actually "kill her" and she doesn't fall and die like all the other enemies she starts to fly for like a millisecond and then she disappears        ( she literally gets banished to the shadow realm), I wouldn't be so hard with this game if it was a demo, but its a game that cost six dollars and ninety-nine cents, in general this game isn't ready to be fully released, it definitely has "Good Bones", but it's just not ready yet.

Just read the signs, which works as a tutorial. And the rocks don't supposed to be thrown on enemies but into a beehives πŸ˜‰ (which is also on the sign) Thank you anyways for constructive critisism πŸ‘

keep up the good work!

Awesome video mate, thank you for that 🍁 It was honor for us 🍁


How can we donate or support you ?

Try it now you should be able to see payment methods when pressing "Buy Now" button πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for being so kindly, we are happy 😍

nice game I wish you continued success

Thank you very much😍 We're glad you like i

Deleted 222 days ago

Thanks for an amazing review πŸ€—

responsivity sucks...

hi gedaria